On Model: Hanalei Reponty: Abysse 2mm Neoprene Swimsuit 

1 Duskii Top    2 Kopari Coconut Melt    3 Fins    4 Duskii swimsuit   5 Reef Safe Sunscreen    6 Mask    7 Chanel Surfboard   8 Now Then Bikini 

Living in Denmark, 90% of the year, we just dream about summer. I try to travel as much as I can, especially during winter, to stop my cravings for salty, blue waves and warm sandy beaches. I’m in love with almost every water activity existing, so summer is no doubt my favorite time of the year. Almost all traveling goes to destinations where there is a chance for diving, snorkeling or/and surfing. Even though living in such a cold country, my “water sport gear wardrobe” is slowly growing, waiting for the time of the year, it can get into the sea. This season I fell in love with so many swim/surfsuits with scuba-like details and bikinis in neoprene, perfect for my three favorite activities; diving, snorkeling and surfing. Enjoy my canvas of some of my favorite swimwear brands at the moment.


IG: I have been following the inspiring Abysse and Hanalei Reponty for a while now. I’m in love with the stylish and eco-friendly Abysse active and ocean wear with ocean inspired prints. The instagrams specked with beautiful marine life and Hanalei’s endless mermaid hair, make me want to grab the next flight to 27°C + water every time I take a glance.

Not only is the brand creating killer activewear for ocean activities but also trying to make a difference for our oceans, cooperating ghost nets into their fabric. Ghost nets are abandoned nets from fishing boats, left at sea, still capturing and suffocating marine life like sharks, turtles, seals and many other species. These nets drift around and takes many lives while still in the ocean.

I like that the brand is passionate about the ocean and wants to make a difference, another reason why these swimsuits are on the top of my wishlist.

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